7. TouchOne smart watch phone keyboard installed

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It’s been a year since the first wave of keyboard reviews appeared here for smart watch devices. Today’s featured keyboard was available at that time, but wouldn’t run on the early watches because it required a higher version of Android to operate. Now, with the advent of the FINOW Q1 Android 5.1 and similar watch platforms, this amazing round keyboard can be installed and it works flawlessly. It’s called the TouchOne and it can be seen in various videos here:



Some of these videos show different versions running on Android Wear, and what I have here is a year old beta version, but many of the functions are the same.

Unfortunately this keyboard is not available yet for the pure Android watch market. If the developer gives me permission to post the beta copy I am showing in this video for you to download, I’ll have a link to it here in this space so check back:

Download TouchOne Android 5.1 Keyboard Beta: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9kfip8cYm1nQTNKMHFUU1lVWVk

If you have interest in using this keyboard, you might want to let the developer know so pure Android watches like this one can be considered in a future updates and upgrades.

Corporate website:

XDA Developer’s Forum dedicated to this keyboard:

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