Banaus BS19 Dual Mode Apple Clone Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

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The most persistent, never ending question I get regarding the Android standalone smart watches that use a SIM card for calling is how to make it work with a smartphone to place and receive calls. To date — July 2016 — there is NO watch on the market that has true tethering capability (phone calls, MMS/SMS, notifications, etc.) AND supports downloading apps from the Google Play Store. If you EVER hear of such a watch, PLEASE let me(us) know in the comments.

Until then, I’ll keep covering the Android app capable watches as they come out, but I wanted to show you the potential for the future in this surprisingly nice Apple Watch clone, the Banaus BS19. It does what we want a watch to do for calling, messaging, and notifications, and it looks real nice, too.

I did a series of videos on a very basic Apple Watch clone smartwatch over a year ago now, before the Apple Watch was even released. Since then technology (and cloning) has improved, and today we have the Banaus BS19, a watch that, in some ways, is even better than the upcoming Apple Watch unreleased next edition! Why? Well, for one, it has an ONBOARD front facing CAMERA for selfies and — hopefully in the future — voice calls/messaging/Skype etc. It also has provisions for a SIM card to allow true voice calling and texting from the watch without needing a phone. It does support the true tethering, so it will work with the phone — both Apple and Android — but it can stand alone as well.

This is actually a worthy contender for a spot on your arm. Of the tethering watches out there — and there are hundreds — this one has both SIM and tethering, front facing camera, sleek “Apple like” design, and low price. If you don’t need all that fancy mumbo jumbo of a tiny Android phone on your arm, then give this watch a serious look.

Here is an excellent customer review of this watch along with another video to watch. This is really worth reading. It covers just about everything:

Another video review (longer than mine! Whew!):

The entire Banaus line is available for purchase through Amazon:

Banaus B2 Fully Waterproof Smartwatch
Banaus B3 Sport Fashion Smartwatch
Banaus B4 Dress Fashion Smartwatch
Banaus BS19 Dual Mode Apple Clone Smartwatch

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