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What apps would you use if you had all the battery capacity you needed in your watch? This new series of videos will take a look at some of the most amazing – and battery hungry – apps out there in the Google Play Store that run on a standalone Android watch and perhaps, in time, on Android Wear as well. Our coverage starts with having “OK Google” be able to respond to you at any time, not just when you touch the Google app on your watch, much like how you can set it up to work on your phone or tablet. But it doesn’t end there.

In this introductory clip we let Lara Croft show you how easy it should be to change the battery in your watch from her encounter with a killing robot in the classic Tomb Raider movie. Then imagine, just like her, being a click or two away from a fresh battery in your watch. Why not?

Why do we have to scrimp and save our precious battery juice just to squeeze a little more time out of it. No, give me my watch AND two or three extra batteries, a bulk battery charger, and send me out the door. Hey, I’m willing to take off my shoes at the airport just to fly for goodness sakes. Think I’d mind a couple of moments to change my watch battery? Not if it gave me a few more hours to do what I really want to do. A watch with easily exchangeable batteries where I don’t have to turn it off to swap them out, now THAT will be the first REAL Smartwatch I buy. Come on America. Come on China. Will somebody — anybody — start treating us like consumers and give us what we need to consume? BATTERIES folks and lots of them. See how close we are in this video. See what it will mean in this series.

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