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Power Hungry Smartwatch Apps are those apps which you would probably use often but don’t because they would drain your battery. “ListNote Pro” is just such an app. This clip takes a look at this app and what it can do for you. Start thinking beyond your limited battery and the Smartwatch Industry will start finding ways to support you.

LISTNOTE TRANSCRIPT OF THIS VIDEO (Unedited — you can tell that I need to slow way down and speak more clearly):

We’re off and running., that I need to actually ask send text. Speaking clearly, slowly, and pausing from time to time, opportunity to capture Ste. Notice on both there’s a yellow bar talking starts moving down, got to get that punctuation and you know okay I’m going to be quiet for a little bit and you can see what happens it goes down all the way oh I just can’t help myself its so hard not to talk. That bar is suitable and what it means is you can talk stop and think about what you’re saying patient last. Sup, save your note! The happened on both of them

Okay, we’re back on the note again, and it’s listening. You can see, it works on both the watch and the phone. Want to see something really fun! Check this out.

I just turned the power off on the watch. Its still listening? You think it’s still transcribing? Let’s find out Wow. Wow wow. This app will listen capture what I’m saying if the device is off

There’s more.

If I were to receive a phone call the phone or the watch and I take that call this app is still running in the background if I talk clearly and slowly, and so does the other person and we both obey tax rule we could literally a transcript of our conversation. No, the app doesn’t know who’s talking, text would go back and forth with the at any time you want to stop what you’re doing, submit simply want deposit, you hit the pause button. When its in park it won’t add any more information. But if it’s still going, it will.

So let’s take a look at how this actually works, and how you want to set it up writing your dear diary grocery list

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