Beginner’s Guide to Smartwatches – 2017 Edition

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Video Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
2:41 Smartwatch Categories
19:10 Smartwatch Examples
34:10 Charging
44:50 Conclusion

Links to the watches featured in this video. Look in the show notes below each video for the buying links and discount pricing:


Watch with removable battery: FINOW Q1

Mystery Spring Celebration 3 button Watch: LEMFO Y3

FINOW ‘class’ 3 button Watch: LEMFO LEM5


Kingwear GT88 Apple like watch with camera

LEMFO LEM2 small women’s watch

No.1 G3+ rotating bezel watch


No.1 G7 removable watch/phone

BANAUS B2 waterproof watch


SMA-TIME transrefoective screen

Hesvit G1 band


CK-11 Blood Pressure bracelet

THL H-1 iNEW gold Blood Pressure watch

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Link to ALL Health/Blood Pressure Reading Watch Reviews:

Welcome to SmartWatchTicks, a YouTube Channel dedicated to smartwatch technology. Topics here currently cover Chinese smartwatches, both Android based (not Android Wear), and simple tethering watches, as well as fitness watches/bands and new health specialty devices.

By way of introduction, this video will give you a foundation for deeper exploration on your own. All our review offerings are listed above, so once you decide on the type of watch you want, simply follow a Playlist and skim through the videos. They are sorted oldest first, so skip to the end if you want the latest technology.

Thanks for watching, and you can help us out in keeping the flow of watches in front of you by subscribing to this channel, liking the videos you watch, and watching lots of videos!

Remember, buying links are featured in the “Show Notes” directly below each smartwatch review to help you get where you need to go for buying, and helping to support us here and our fine sponsors who are sending these review watches.

May you have all the time in the world.

CORRECTION: At 17 minutes into the video I mention a 2GB/8GB combination as common today. That should be 1GB/8GB. Sorry for any confusion. There is no 2GB/xGB available yet. That’s for the future!

UPDATE: Like to read? Here’s a fun little article authored by one of our viewers:

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