New Developer Created Watch Faces for October 2016

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Welcome to our Parade of Watch Faces for October 2016 that run on FINOW and No.1 Android based Round and Square Smartwatches. Remember, the ZIP file below has links to the actual developer’s pages on G+. It is from there that you can download the actual ClockSkin files as posted directly by each developer:

Featured watches in this video:
Tethering watch, LEMFO LEM2:
KW88 “class” Android Watch DM368:
FINOW “class” Android Watch, LEMFO LEM5:

One of our viewers, Antony Giovenco, has a creative technique for easily downloading and installing watch faces to your No.1 and FINOW class of Android smartwatches (the ones that use the ClockSkin folder). Here’s a text document of the email he sent describing his process. Check it out!

Want to test out your programming skills? Check out these videos to learn how to build watch faces:


Watch face archive ZIP Files for earlier watch faces have been permanently removed. See this update video for an explanation:

Good news! Several other watch face collections ARE still available (for now):

You may still be able to download individual watch faces you have seen in earlier videos by visiting these locations:
G+ Community:
XDA Forum:

As always, your subscription is appreciated, and please, tell your friends (and media outlets) about this channel! Many viewers have stated they are comfortable purchasing a smartwatch now that they have learned about them through these YouTube videos. Thanks for watching and ‘have a great time’.

Now, here’s a reprint (with links) of the exciting “Special Announcement” from the RASC team as seen in the video:

Happy New Year!!!

To help start off 2017 with a bang we have a couple of announcements to make.

Watchfaces on WatchAWear
In partnership with +Terry Zahn of WatchAWear, we are happy to announce the Android Smartwatch face section. This new WatchAWear section is where creations by RASC founder Lokifish Marz will be released in the coming weeks. The new section is only accessible to WatchAWear members only. So be sure to sign up today!

We also kindly suggest that folks start releasing their faces in the new section on WatchAWear. Once the WatchAWear app is released, it will allow for direct download of faces to the watch using an easy to use app. How cool is that!

RASC Firmware Archive
Today we also announce the RASC Firmware Archive. It is the single largest collection of firmware for round Android smartwatches anywhere and is maintained by the RASC moderators themselves.

WatchAWear –

RASC Firmware Archive –

So from the RASC Moderators, HAPPY 2017!!!

UPDATE 2016-10-09: Installing Watch Faces on Tethering Watches
One of our viewers has made a simple list of steps to follow in installing watch faces on tethering watches that use the Fundo wear or Mediatek phone app. Here’s his post:
From Carlo Bonacci
Thanks…for the conveniene of anyone else with the same confusion:
1. Install Fundo Wear or Mediatek Smartdevice on your phone.
2. Download any watch face / extract it.
3. There will be 3 files: .xml, .png and .vxp. Copy these, and paste into your smartphone sdcard inside folder “appmanager” .
4. Open the mediatek or fundo app, connect to your watch. Then go to “My Application”, press “Install Now” button on the watch face.
5. Done.
Here is the link to find and download various watch faces:

UPDATE 2017-02-01: New ways of handling watch faces in IQI/Kingwear class of Android smartwatches:

If you want to be on the cutting edge of how things are shifting for handling watch faces on the KW88/KW98, I2/I3, LF16/DM368, etc., watches, here are some threads to follow:

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