No.1 D5 Part 3 Clock Skin Creation Workshop – Rotation

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In this the last part of our beginning series on clockskin design, we extend the study of arrays to include textual sets for month and day of the week, as well as handling multiple font styles in one design. We then take a broader look at the rotation command, and end up where we began, looking at watch hands, but this time with a twist, or should I say shadow. You get a peek at what it takes to make watch hands appear 3D. Check out this video of Lokifish Marz demoing his 3D shadowing discovery:

Again, I’m not an expert here, and am not prepared to troubleshoot your code for you should you have problems. It takes a bit of work to figure it all out, and, by doing it on your own, you’ll be much better prepared for the advanced stuff I’ll be putting up later. So stick with your trial and errors until you get it right.

If you want to share your creation, join up with the XDA Developer Form below. You won’t be able to post your creation until you have been a member for awhile and engaged in some meaningful dialog with existing members, but eventually you’ll be given upload privileges, so hang in there!

Watch Face Forum for these smartwatches:…

Watchface engine parameters:

pdf file
Lokifish Mars #3…

Clock_skin.xml text file with google translated descriptions”

text file
Verde Post #31…

These are the custom watch faces appearing in this video:

Avionics Skin v2
bennz Post #486…

Blade3 v2
bennz Post #494…

Blade3 v3
bennz Post #499…

ClockSkin Moire Color
rockabilly Post #365…

Analog Demo Face
Analog Demo Face
Lokifish Marz Post #32…

Imperium Data Center
Imperium Data Center Final
Lokifish Marz Post #381-384…

Grand Seiko
cyrux75 Post #475…

Finally, this guide from No.1:


From Saurav Bajracharya
I wrote a post about how to change watch faces in Android Smartwatches. Please do read & share this.

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