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In this video I’m taking a shot at demoing a handful of apps you may want to put on your new No.1 D5 smart watch phone. Some may peak your interest, others aren’t your thing and some — a critical few — we should all install to make life with this watch so much easier.

Actually this video is a prelude to the next one where I wipe everything off the device and start over from scratch with a fresh install, guiding you (and me again) through a small maze of steps to an optimized and proactive smartwatch.

If you have any apps you’d specifically like me to take a look at for you, let me know in the comments below and I’l do my best to review them on camera or at least tell you how they scale for this watch in a reply comment.

I’m still looking for a really good calculator app, stopwatch app, and yes, even a nice tip calculator app which will work well on this round watch with the corners cut off (it must have buttons for rounding off the tip or total as well). Perhaps you can help recommend apps in these categories? Thanks, and enjoy this brief app dance.


Questions have come in regarding battery life. Here is a single preliminary result:

The battery seems well calibrated as the drain was linear over the entire range finally shutting down the device at about 4%. For this test I started fully charged with WiFi on, no BT, no SIM installed, and flipping the wrist to look at the time throughout the day. I went in and out of a couple of apps, but overall very light use. I started at 7 AM. At 7PM I was at 9% charge remaining. I did heavy usage to drain the rest out and auto-shutdown the watch around 7:30 PM. Then I placed it on the charger with the watch remaining off for the entire charge. Here’s what I found when I would briefly lift the watch off the charger and place it back on (triggering the icon on the screen to light up and report percentage charged):

10 min — 15%
20 min — 35%
30 min — 55%
40 min — 79%
50 min — 93%
55 min — 96%
60 min — 100%

Summary: Light watch use, 12 hours without charge. Recharging from empty takes EXACTLY 1 hour.


From reading the XDA Forum on this watch (see the notes on the No.1 D5 Watch Faces video for the link) it is clear that the Weather app and the Barometer app don’t work in the USA. They run but don’t connect to a server to get weather data. If you live in the USA, please take time to notify No.1 in the help section or comments on the D5 watch that you want it fixed. If enough of us complain, perhaps they will do a patch to allow us access to the weather download again. As a workaround, I’ve installed MSN Weather as it looks good on the small round watch format.


I discovered after raving about the “APUS Browser Turbo” in this video that when you bring up the keyboard by tapping in the web address space, the keyboard is rescaled to a larger square size rather than squeezed into the circle size. What does that mean? The keyboard is useless! Several of the buttons on the left and right are completely cut off! The fix? UNINSTALL APUS Browser Turbo and INSTALL the basic APUS Browser. IT works perfectly and, in addition, has Ad blocking built in. Sorry about the mixup. So many things to test before doing one of these videos! BTW, apparently the screen is not AMOLED either, but IPS. OOIPS!

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