No.1 D6 and FINOW Q1 Android 5.1 Smartwatches Compared!

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Representing the first of a new breed of Android 5.1 based standalone smart watch phones (smartwatches), the No.1 D6 and FINOW Q1 stand out as excellent choices. But which is right for you?

In this video we take a close look at the differences between these two flagship watches, highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make the best selection that fits your needs and style.

XDA Forum for technical help with the Q1 watch:

Toward the end of the video you will find a reference to a ZIP file you can download. Unfortunately, that file is no longer available. This video will explain why:

When a new Watch Face Index is created for the referenced watch faces, it will be posted here, so check back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Featured watch in this video: No.1 D6
Watch Available through most major online outlets.
Company website:

Home Page Use

Information on D6 watch:

NO.1 D6

Featured watch in this video: FINOW Q1
This featured watch is available here:
Watch also Available here:
Company website:

For links to all the watch faces shown here, and to contact the click skin creators directly with your own watch face requests, visit these two sites:

Many thanks to the body of watch face developers, new and ‘seasoned’ who contribute their designs free of charge to all of us. Without you these awesome watches would be, well, flat.


All of these are giving a good day’s battery life with light to moderate use. You can get 2 or more days just checking the time, and a few hours only by streaming full length movies. It’s all a tradeoff. Keeping your screen brightness down saves the most power, followed by turning off you radios (cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi). Keeping the watch in Power Savings mode helps. On the new square watches (FINOW Q1 and No.1 D6) you can remove and replace the battery.


The D6 battery (450 mAh) is an exact square, 30mm x 30mm and it is 3mm thick.
The Q1 battery (360 mAh in my unit) is also a square, 28mm x 28mm and is 4mm thick.
The connectors are identical on both watches and snap in either watch. They have three wires, are designed to be pushed down to connect (rather than slide into the mating connector) and measure 4mm Wide x 3mm Long x 1mm Thick.

The D6 battery will not fit in the Q1 opening. It is too big.
The Q1 battery fits in the D6 opening, but you can’t snap on the D6 back. It is too thick.

UPDATE 2016-11-02: This comment just received from a viewer. “I can confirm now that the D6 watches do indeed now come with a factory vibration motor. I ordered 5 on the 15th of October and received them today and they all had vibration once latest update was installed. Prior to the 15th of October none of the D6 I ordered had vibration. It seems the newer model has got into circulation now and more and more people should received them now. Thanks. Adrian”

UPDATE 2017-02-06: For those of you who can’t find the heart rate monitor app on your Q1, a viewer has this advice:
From Joe Cruz
There is an app you can download called Quick Launch. After opening this app you will find the HR app. Click on it and it will open and it will run. My Q1 was also hiding the HR app. Hope this helps!

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