No.1 D6 Android 5.1 Smartwatch: Fully Loaded Nova

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This is a followup video to our D6 First Look video to show how the watch performs fully loaded with two launchers, widgets, and a bunch of apps. One of our channel viewers, Miguel Angel III Quiros Cedeño, said the Nova Launcher worked well on the D6 and encouraged me to try it. He was absolutely right, and here you see both launchers in action, including the details of the little trick he discovered to jump between launchers whenever you want.

One important point which wasn’t covered in the First Look video that deserves mention here is that No.1 decided to NOT put the little vibration engine in this watch.

If you’re interested in a D6, here’s the No.1 D6 Website:

NO.1 D6

Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

UPDATE 2016-10-20: No.1 reports on their Facebook page that they have started shipping the D6 with a vibration engine installed. Here’s a recent customer review of this watch:

From PeaNutter505™
After a month of using the D6 watch (with the sim) , this I have to say. It is pretty darn good, I can use the watch as a fully fledged phone on my wrist. Now smart watches isn’t meant to be used as gaming devices but most of them run pretty good! I downloaded doodle jump which works flawlessly, sonic dash was another one I downloaded and turned out easy to play on. As for a texting use, it holds pretty good! It vibrates on my arm when I have a notification and vibrates on apps too, (which I found odd because it stated that it did not have vibration). The heart rate monitor and fitness apps work exponentially so I can’t really add on to that. The only downsides are that the battery is quite small if you are using it continually on a daily basis. It also gets quite warm overtime, but this isn’t really much of an issue. The last downside, which is quite sad I will add is the tethering with phones. It works okay but you can only accept calls and not speak when tethered. I can text and alerts me if I have a text, which I find pretty good! I usually use my sim for school as it is better to use in my opinion. Overall, I think this watch is a bang up deal for the £50 i spent on this on gear best. It works really good and I love using it. It came in a week and a half, which is expected if it is shipping from China, with no cuts or problems to see. I highly recommend this if you are thinking of buying it for a gift for yourself or someone else!

UPDATE 2016-11-02: This comment just received from another viewer. “I can confirm now that the D6 watches do indeed now come with a factory vibration motor. I ordered 5 on the 15th of October and received them today and they all had vibration once latest update was installed. Prior to the 15th of October none of the D6 I ordered had vibration. It seems the newer model has got into circulation now and more and more people should received them now. Thanks. Adrian”

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