No.1 D7 Android Smartwatch: Update (Not What It Seems To Be)

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The No.1 D7 appears to have several technical and quality issues prompting this update video. Concerns posted by owners of this watch, together with my own findings indicate the following:

1. Battery life is nowhere near 5 days standby and much less under normal use
2. Turn wrist to show time doesn’t work properly
3. Weather stuck on Shenzhen and can’t be changed
4. Reports of being stuck in Airplane mode, even with WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS connected
5. Reports of Compass not calibrating properly leading to errors
6. Installing custom watch faces can lead to a “boot loop” or frozen booting condition (a situation fixed last year on other No.1 watches) which requires disconnecting and reconnecting the battery
7. The battery is soldered in place and cannot be easily disconnected (other Android watches have a snap off/on connector for battery)
8. Intermittent side button not responsive to pressing
9. No way to change time to AM/PM, temperature (if you get it at all) to Fahrenheit instead of Centegrade, or distance measurements to Imperial (miles) instead of metric (Km).
10. Reports that battery dies completely when watch indicates 20-25% power, thus not automatically switching to Power Savings mode.
11. Reports that the green hear rate diode keeps flashing on and off when the watch is off and charging.
12. Reports that the watch changes time zone on its own making the display time incorrect.
13. Reports that the FunFit sports tracking isn’t working.

No.1 has issued a firmware update to address some of these problems, and it is supposed to be available through OTA Push to the D7 (by going to Settings, then About, then Update) but it is not working for some owners. The firmware is also available for direct download and flashing here:

I personally updated my D7 with this firmware and what you see in this video is AFTER that update has been applied. Taken in full consideration from build quality to watch performance in the field, the No.1 D7 does not live up to its claims or expectations and cannot be recommended.

Unfortunately, YouTube won’t let me edit or add to the original review video, so this update is a “Part 2” to the original D7 review.

For more detailed input from viewers, check in the comments under these videos:

Also, look over the D7 comments directly on the No.1 G+ community here. Put “D7” in the search box:

Thank you for taking time to watch this video, and I hope the information will help you in making an informed purchasing decision.

Also, digital watch face used in this video courtesy of Al Rod. It is available for free here:


Also received this through direct email contact:

We just upgrade firmware of D7, You can upgrade firmware through OTA, or you can find firmware here: newest firmware is 0526(please choose format + firmware upgrade). it fix battery problem, and gps and some other things. any problem, please let me know. And after upgrade firmware, please reset the watch.

From No.1 G+ Community:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the D7 firmware.

Although we have released a new firmware which does solve some issues, there are still some. I’ve recorded every issue we’ve found, we have resolved some of them. Thanks for helping us to solve these issues. Tomorrow, we’ll release a new firmware. This one is for the battery usage app, for battery life issue.

And about June 6 or June 7, we’ll release another firmware. This one focuses on the issues we’ve found.

NOTE: I’m keeping a spreadsheet of all the currently available Android watches, along with many of their characteristics for easy comparison. This spreadsheet will be updated from time to time, and the update date is shown at the top. Feel free to download it and use the links to find the video reviews on YouTube. Here’s the folder with the spreadsheet inside:

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