Part 1: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Android Smartwatch Phones

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In this special class of Android based Smartwatch Phones, like the ZGPAX S8, there are some special tips, tricks and techniques which will help getting you set up and running. This series will explore the things you need to know.

UPDATE 3/30/2016: Yikes! Today Mobizen updated their main app, stripped the mirroring out, put it in a different app, and changed their main app to be screen recording ONLY. The impact is that the Mobizen you have been using WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE.

To get Mobizen screen control again you need to download their new app, “Mobizen Mirroring” from the Play Store. Here’s the link:

Download this, get it up and running, and use it to get control of your watch. Then, use this new Mobizen Miroring app to navigate through the opening screens on your old Mobizen app (now Mobizen Screen Recorder) to get it configured if you want to use that recording feature on your watch, otherwise back it up with your App Backup and Restore app and uninstall it from your watch to free up space. You won’t need it for controlling your watch.

I wish they hadn’t done this. I’m going to have to record an update video on Mobizen now. The sad thing is that everyone using Mobizen will be locked out until they install the Mobizen Screen Recorder and set everything up again! Good grief.

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