Robert Pool’s Custom Watch Faces Collection shown on New Android 5.1 Watch

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Link to Robert Pool’s Watch Faces:

The apk style of installing faces is sadly going to be a thing of the past very soon. The latest kw88 firmware and also other watches using the sinsoft launcher will no longer allow it. They are moving in a different direction which does not support it. If you don’t want to loose your custom watch faces, do not accept the OTA update on your watch! If you do receive an update, and want to go back to an earlier firmware, then you will need to flash earlier firmware to your watch. For the files to do that, check here:

Robert pool asked for a short video so he could see how well his watch face designs were working on the KW88 ‘class’ of Android 5.1 smartwatches. After seeing his designs, I just knew I had to load them on a special pre-released smartwatch to check them out.

This video is primarily for Robert so he can tweak his designs, but I just couldn’t stop from turning it into a project video for our channel. Hope you like his work, and yes, I will be doing a full review on the watch once I have assurance from the manufacturer that it will be available for purchase through normal channels. It may not be ready until April, from what last I heard, so it might be awhile.


Here is a Dropbox Link text file for you. As it’s quite long and would take up too much space in the video footer notes l have created a Dropbox link to the text file so for those who want to download any of the faces in the converted format fir No.1/FINOW Android watches can simply download the text file and by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the hyperlink on the text file it should take them to the Dropbox watch face file of their choice. The link to the text file is :

Some interesting facts:

AVP1 – the symbols at the top of the face reads ‘Robert D. Pool’ and at the bottom reads ‘Glasgow’ (yes the Predators do have their own alphabet 😊 )

AVP 2 – the symbols on the front of the casket reads ‘Died Drumchapel, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Earth after a fight over a can of Barr’s Irn Brew’ 😊 I had to find an Earth map that showed the UK so you know were the poor Predator died lol…. you can take our freedom but don’t even think about touching our Irn Brew.

Stargate – Hieroglyphics around the ‘Dial Home Device reads ‘Robert Pool Glasgow Scotland’

Singers – if you look closely you will see a tartan design around the outer circle and on the inner thistle. I designed the tartan for The Singer Sewing Machine Company to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of their first factory in Glasgow, Scotland in 1867. They later bought the lands of Kilbowie Farm in Clydebank and built Singers largest factory which over the years produced millions of sewing machines which were shipped all over the world. The factory closed in 1980 and is now a Business Park; l live less than 2 miles away from it.

The watch face ‘mic’ which has 4 revolving circles is my take on the ‘circle of 5ths’. It’s a reference used by guitarist to show the chords played in any key. The red circle indicates the 1 chord and key, the blue circles indicate the 4th and 5th chords while the red circle indicates the relative minor key. It’s really just a quick check for those starting to play guitar. eg if the green circle is on the C (key and 1 chord) then the blue circles will be on the F (4th chord) and G (5th chord) the red on the A (relative minor meaning the A is actually an Am chord) In short the basic chords in the key of C is C, F, G, Am

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