Round Android 5.1 I2/KW88/Z9/S99 Watches Compared: 2-Build Quality

Youtube iLGinciX 91

In response to many many requests for comparison videos of the most popular watches, we continue this short series on the new Round Android 5.1 Smartwatches. Part 1 examined the look and feel of each watch. What’s it like on. How thick is it. How does it feel. What the bands are like. In Part 2 we examine the build quality of each watch and show you how to open them up to insert a SIM card or disconnect the battery if you need to for troubleshooting problems. Since we have added the ZGPAX S99 to the group, there’s a little more exposure of all of them together, both indoors and out.

A BIG ThankYou for providing these watches goes to the companies listed below. The links will take you directly to the item pages recommend for buying. Your support of these vendors by buying through these links helps support SmartWatchTicks in getting more new watches to review! As long as these reviews generate sales, then the newest watches will be shipped here first! Thanks for your support.

This is the original and still wonderful X5 from FINOW who has supplied all the X series of watches you have see here:
Available from Aliexpress (FINOW direct)

Supplied direct from manufacturer. Thank you IQI! You can buy this watch from vendors who have provided support to this channel here:
Available from Chinavasion

KingWear KW88:
Supplied direct from manufacturer. Thank you KingWear!
If you are interested in purchasing five or more of these KW88 (or any other KingWear watches), contact Kingwear directly:
Shenzhen Kingwear Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact:Zoe Chan
Skype: lovezoe0502
WhatsApp:+86-159 1949 0502
You can buy individual units from any of these vendors who have provided support to this YouTube channel at discount pricing:
Available from EverBuying
EverBuying KW88 coupon code: EBKW88 Price : $97.99 Use this link:
Also available from GearBest
GearBest KW88 coupon code: tickskk Price : $95.99 Use these links:
Rose Gold

Offered from ChinaVasion who supplied the featured review watch
Direct link:

Also shown here, and offered from EverBuying who supplied the featured review watch
Direct link:
EverBuying Blitz coupon code:EBZBLITZ Price: $89.89

Offered from EverBuying who supplied the featured review watch
Direct link:
EverBuying S99 coupon code: EBS99 Price: $99.99

UPDATE 7/1/2016: Additional Information from XDA Tech Guide
I’m reposting this comment from one to the top XDA Forum and G+ Community Tech Guides known as “Pablo11”. This is a prime example of why you want to go and subscribe to the Round Android Watch G+ Community here:

YouTube comment from Pablo11:
The X5 always had the best screen and still does in my opinion. However this has it’s downside as well. That sucker chews the battery if you don’t have a brightness control installed.
Pretty much all of the 5.1 watches are extremely underdeveloped at the moment in my opinion. Lots of work to be done here.

One very important thing though is that the Sinsoft 5.1 watches do not lose their cellular connection at all. The X series 6572 soc watches all lose connection within 30 minutes or so and it does not connect again until a major user intervention is used (force airplane mode or reboot) – even though it looks like it’s still connected.

Also the X series watches are far superior in build quality as far as I’m concerned. Let’s hope they keep that with the next generation.

As far as watch faces are concerned – all the watch ODMs using the Sinsoft launcher are wanting the custom face concept so keep watching out for that.
Thanks again mate 🙂

PS: the I2 also does the rotate and show digital time only – same as KW88 – but only with the latest firmware.
PPS: if you take the back cover of the KW88 off like you have – be very careful when you put the cover back on – if you over-tighten the screws just a little it will break the corners off the back cover. Especially at the sim card end.

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